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A Very Happy Birthday Kubernetes

Last year at OSCON, I got to reconnect with a bunch of friends and see what they have been working on. That turned out to be the Kubernetes 1.0 launch event. Even that day, it was clear the project was supported by a broad community -- a group that showed an ambitious vision for distributed computing. 

Today, on the first anniversary of the Kubernetes 1.0 launch, it’s amazing to see what a community of dedicated individuals can do. Kubernauts have collectively put in 237 person years of coding effort since launch to bring forward our most recent release 1.3. However the community is much more than simply coding effort. It is made up of people -- individuals that have given their expertise and energy to make this project flourish. With more than 830 diverse contributors, from independents to the largest companies in the world, it’s their work that makes Kubernetes stand out. Here are stories from a couple early contributors reflecting back on the project:

The community is also more than online GitHub and Slack conversation; year one saw the launch of KubeCon, the Kubernetes user conference, which started as a grassroot effort that brought together 1,000 individuals between two events in San Francisco and London. The advocacy continues with users globally. There are more than 130 Meetup groups that mention Kubernetes, many of which are helping celebrate Kubernetes’ birthday. To join the celebration, participate at one of the 20 #k8sbday parties worldwide: Austin, Bangalore, Beijing, Boston, Cape Town, Charlotte, Cologne, Geneva, Karlsruhe, Kisumu, Montreal, Portland, Raleigh, Research Triangle, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, SF Bay Area, or Washington DC.

The Kubernetes community continues to work to make our project more welcoming and open to our kollaborators. This spring, Kubernetes and KubeCon moved to the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF), a Linux Foundation Project, to accelerate the collaborative vision outlined only a year ago at OSCON …. lifting a glass to another great year.

-- Sarah Novotny, Kubernetes Community Wonk