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Recap of Kubernetes Contributor Summit Barcelona 2019

Author: Jonas Rosland (VMware)

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who made the Kubernetes Contributor Summit in Barcelona possible. We had an amazing team of volunteers tasked with planning and executing the event, and it was so much fun meeting and talking to all new and current contributors during the main event and the pre-event celebration.

Contributor Summit in Barcelona kicked off KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in a big way as it was the largest contributor summit to date with 331 people signed up, and only 9 didn't pick up their badges!

Contributor Celebration

Sunday evening before the main event we held a Contributor Celebration, which was very well attended. We hope that all new and current contributors felt welcome and enjoyed the food, the music, and the company.

contributor-celebration2 contributor-celebration

New Contributor Workshops

We had over 130 people registered for the New Contributor Workshops. This year the workshops were divided into 101-level content for people who were not familiar with contributing to an open source project, and 201-level content for those who were.

The workshops contained overviews of what SIGs are, deep-dives into the codebase, test builds of the Kubernetes project, and real contributions.

Did you miss something during the workshops? We now have them published on YouTube, with added closed captioning!

img img

SIG Face-to-Face

We also tried a new thing for Barcelona, the SIG Face-to-Face meetings. We had over 170 people registered to attend the 11 SIG and one subproject meetings throughout the day, going over what they're working on and what they want to do in the near future.

img img

SIG Meet and Greet

At the end of the summit, both new and current contributors had a chance to sit down with SIG chairs and members. The goal of this was to make sure that contributors got to know even more individuals in the project, hear what some of the SIGs actually do, and sign up to be a part of them and learn more.

img img

Join us!

Interested in attending the Contributor Summit in San Diego? You can get more information on our event page, sign up and we will notify you when registration opens.


Again, thank you to everyone for making this an amazing event, and we're looking forward to seeing you next time!

To our Barcelona crew, you ROCK! 🥁

Paris Pittman, Bob Killen, Guinevere Saenger, Tim Pepper, Deb Giles, Ihor Dvoretskyi, Jorge Castro, Noah Kantrowitz, Dawn Foster, Ruben Orduz, Josh Berkus, Kiran Mova, Bart Smykla, Rostislav Georgiev, Jeffrey Sica, Rael Garcia, Silvia Moura Pina, Arnaud Meukam, Jason DeTiberius, Andy Goldstein, Suzanne Ambiel, Jonas Rosland

You can see many more pictures from the event over on CNCF's Flickr.