Reconfigure a Node's Kubelet in a Live Cluster

FEATURE STATE: Kubernetes v1.22 [deprecated]

Dynamic Kubelet Configuration allowed you to change the configuration of each kubelet in a running Kubernetes cluster, by deploying a ConfigMap and configuring each Node to use it.

Please find documentation on this feature in earlier versions of documentation.

Migrating from using Dynamic Kubelet Configuration

There is no recommended replacement for this feature that works generically across various Kubernetes distributions. If you are using managed Kubernetes version, please consult with the vendor hosting Kubernetes for the best practices for customizing your Kubernetes. If you are using kubeadm, refer to Configuring each kubelet in your cluster using kubeadm.

In order to migrate off the Dynamic Kubelet Configuration feature, the alternative mechanism should be used to distribute kubelet configuration files. In order to apply configuration, config file must be updated and kubelet restarted. See the Set Kubelet parameters via a config file for information.

Please note, the DynamicKubeletConfig feature gate cannot be set on a kubelet starting v1.24 as it has no effect. However, the feature gate is not removed from the API server or the controller manager before v1.26. This is designed for the control plane to support nodes with older versions of kubelets and for satisfying the Kubernetes version skew policy.

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